Submission Instructions

Welcome to TeqRes Publishing, your gateway to global visibility in medical research. We invite authors from around the world to submit manuscripts that contribute to the advancement of healthcare. Our international submission guidelines ensure a streamlined and transparent process.

Scope: Submissions should address significant issues and present innovative approaches in the relevant medical field, catering to a global audience.

Format: Manuscripts should adhere to our specified formatting guidelines, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. Detailed instructions can be found on our website.

Ethics: Authors must uphold the highest ethical standards, avoiding plagiarism and disclosing any conflicts of interest. Research involving human subjects should comply with ethical guidelines.

Peer Review: Rigorous peer review is integral to our quality assurance. Manuscripts undergo evaluation by experts in the field, ensuring the credibility and impact of the research.

Multilingual Support: TeqRes Publishing supports submissions and publications in various languages, fostering linguistic diversity and global inclusivity.

We look forward to receiving your contributions and appreciate your commitment to advancing medical knowledge on a global scale. Submit your manuscript today and be a part of the international discourse shaping the future of healthcare.